Sunday, January 25, 2009

The other thing you'll figure out quick when you travel with Roy is that he knows where to get good eats!

First things first, gotta go to Bourbon Street.  I got some beads- and I'm ready to throw 'em!

Apparently daylight isn't the time to throw beads, so we headed to Aunt Sally's Original Creole Praline Shop- and got some CANDY!  This is the nice lady who works here, she has a friendly smile and agreed to hold me even though I'm obviously WILD!

Then it was off to Cafe du Monde where I drank coffee and ate a beignet!  I had to fight Roy for these, he didn't think a little cat needed so many sweets.  I showed him by eating everything in sight and chugging coffee...Then he showed me... back into the car!

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