Sunday, January 25, 2009

WOW it has been a while. I've been travelin' with my pal Roy!

After drinking at the Thirsty Camel, Kat shoved me into a box and stuck me in the mail all the way from the Middle East to my pal Roy's house!  He wasn't home when I arrived so I took a nap on the bench. 

One of the things I forgot about, was that on occasion when out in the wild one may run into the local wildlife.  In my case it was a BEAR!  At first I was scared by his unnatural blue fur, but then realized that the bear was Roy's travel pal.  I really dig his bow-tie and sweet tattoo!  The friendly bear offered me his bow-tie, but I declined as I think it looks better on him.

Roy took me to visit his niece and nephew.  They were really nice kids.  Left: niece, Right: nephew

And just to prove we're traveling here I am in Massachusetts!  Evidently, somebody leaked my itinerary to the Kennedys and ol' Ted had the welcome signs covered up with green painted sheet steel.  They did not want me to know what their state bird is on account of my ferocious appetite, hunting prowess, and perhaps the bird is nearing extinction or something!  HA! I know the state bird is the black-capped chickadee, and I know they taste great!  I ate the last known breeding pair in North America.  That's how I roll bbs. 

(note from handler:  Cleophus actually ate a rejected chicken wing with craft feathers.  I told him that he caused the extinction of a species because he is a pain and runs off into the woods after birds.  As an aside, domestic cats are not a natural part of the food chain and decimate native bird populations.  Domestic travel kitties are even worse... so tragic)

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